Here at Perfectly Green we supply of top quality, competitively priced artificial grass and provide a full installation service (via some regional Agents). We are confident that our synthetic turf is the most natural-looking grass alternative on the market. Plus, all of our plastic turf comes with a UV protection guarantee so that it remains green for years to come. Our wide range of artificial grass is suitable for a variety of applications, the only restriction is your imagination!

If you need any assistance choosing the right fake grass product from our range, our knowledgeable and helpful team are here to advise. We have a wide range of products to suit all budgets, with even the lowest cost option looking like natural turf. Perfectly Green put a high value on customer satisfaction. We put the customer at the heart of our business; what you need and want is very important to us.

When you choose our installation service, your fake lawn will be laid by our experienced staff who pride themselves on the quality of their work and attention to detail. Perfectly Green strive to exceed customer expectations by supplying a product and service that is second to none.

Perfectly Green supplies the best quality turf and installation. We pride ourselves on the standard of service and installation we provide due to our experienced, knowledgeable and helpful staff. We go the extra mile to stand out from the rest to provide you with a product and service that is second to none.

Just like most home projects, its relatively easy to lay artificial grass by yourself as long as you take time and due care. All of our artificial grass products have a latex or polyurethane backing that is easy to cut into shape and lay across the area. If you are inexperience in this type of work however, we would always recommend contacting an professional installer.

As with any DIY project, laying artificial grass by yourself requires a good amount of honesty! Be realistic about your own experience and skill before you start – getting it wrong can get expensive quickly. Have a think about your project and decide if there are compromises you can live with to make the job easier. For example, an irregular shaped garden can still take a rectangle lawn, with flowerbeds, ponds or other features added to complement excess space whilst keeping your artificial grass nice and simple.

To get you started laying artificial grass by yourself, here are a few other top tips:

  • Your first consideration, along with the area you want to cover with artificial turf, should be the base that you’re laying onto. You want it to be as level as possible, with a slight gradient to allow water to run off when it rains.
  • When replacing a natural lawn, our installation team will usually install a layer of Type 1 MOT, along with a fine layer of builders sand to create the perfect surface. If you’re laying onto an existing patio or driveway, you may be able to lay right onto it.
  • Ensure the base is solid and will not sink over time. Laying directly onto soil is not recommended for exactly that reason.
  • Under most circumstances the area you will be laying onto will require a surround of some sort that you can nail the artificial grass onto. The Perfectly Green Agents will usually use small wooden batons around the circumference of the area for this purpose, affixing the grass in place and eliminating the potential for movement.
  • Consider the angle of the grass when you’re laying it, and when you’re measuring the space. All artificial grass has an ever so slight lean to it because of the way it is manufactured, and because it is stored on a roll. Typically you’ll want to artificial grass blades to be pointing towards your house to create the most natural looking lawn from the inside. On the other hand, if you want your neighbours to be really jealous, point it towards their windows!
  • Always ask your artificial grass supplier for artificial turf from the same batch for each job that you do. Different batches of the same product can occasionally have ever so slight differences in colour. At Perfectly Green we will never mix two batches of grass on the same job, avoiding any chance of creating a ‘patchwork’ effect on a lawn. We doubt any other supplier would be so careless but it never hurts to make sure.
  • Fitting artificial turf is easy as long as you take your time. We can give you detailed assistance over the phone or see our step-by-step installation guide for further details. Alternatively we offer a first rate installation service, please contact us for more information. We’re always happy to help whether you’re a customer of ours or not.

The artificial grass comes in 2m & 4m width rolls and as long as you require. All you need to do is measure your garden and calculate the width and length required.

The only maintenance required is the removal of debris; this can be done using a leaf blower of stiff brush.

Anywhere! Lawns, patios, roof gardens, terraces, balconies, children’s play areas, around swimming pools & hot tubs, conservatories, exhibitions, shows, films sets and more!

No. Our installation process ensures that weeds will not grow through due to the two membranes we lay during the fitting.

Water drains through the grass via holes in the latex backing, as long as the turf is installed onto a Type 1 crushed stone sub base.

Our artificial grass is designed to allow water to drain through the surface. Each of the grasses in our range is created with a permeable latex backing, i.e. water escapes through small holes. A build up of water on the surface of the synthetic turf is prevented as long as it’s laid onto a type 1 crushed stone sub base. In fact, artificial grass actually drains more quickly than natural grass.

Installing a fake lawn in your garden will help to prevent puddles on the surface and the occurrence of muddy patches. Rain water will naturally drain through the sub base and into the soil just as it would with natural grass. If you’re installing synthetic grass onto concrete or another hard surface outside, we recommend laying a crushed stone sub base. It acts to raise the grass up off the floor and gives the water space to drain away. When installing artificial grass, our team will also apply an ever so slight gradient to the sub-base. This allows water to collect in areas that are easier to drain, so in all but the heaviest of stormy weather you’re plastic grass will be far from a plastic swamp!

Please note that if you currently have a problem with flooding and/or poor drainage in the area that you intend to lay artificial grass, this problem should be addressed during the excavation process.

A firm sub-base is essential and the most important part of the installation. Perfectly Green would always recommend installing over a substantial sub base which consists of a weed membrane, three inches of Type 1, a blinding layer of sharp sand and then a second weed membrane. Following this process will ensure that the grass will last for many many years.

All of Perfectly Green’s artificial grass is pet friendly. As with any lawn, large pieces should be scooped up, any remaining small particles can be washed through the latex backing.