About Us & Services

AfricanTurf is a Gauteng based company, which was established over 9 years ago with the aim of providing solution for over 10 000 000 Gauteng people who acquire artificial turf. We have grown substantially in the past 9 years of doing business all over South Africa, of course, we have also ammased wide range of experience in installations, with a rapid change in quality of artificial turf that we install.

Our clients range from prominent schools, franchise crèches, restaurants, household and building of Five-a-Site and FIFA accredited full size soccer pitches. We offer all inclusive package ranging from doing civil works to installation he automated irrigation systems for soccer pitches.

Our prices are very reasonable as we cut out the middle-man in our distribution channel as we import our own turf and commission the installation with our own inhouse staff, using our own vehicles.

We have a good work ethic and have a 48 hour turn around time for smaller installations, i.e. Between 30 and 100 square meters, of course the type of sub-base we install on plays a critical role in the length and period of the installation, but in most cases, we always get our installations done within a reasonable time, with daily updates to our clients.